I am writing a function that adds an element to a list of structs, where each element has a nested struct inside. I know it is NOT the most efficient way to do so, but enough for a PoC. In any case, my code consists of:

external[] mylist;

struct external {
  string id;
  string name1:
  internal[] internalList;

struct internal {
  string name2;
  uint256 ammount;

function addElement(string memory _id,
                    string memory _name1,
                    string memory _name2,
                    uint256 _ammount ) public restricted{
   internal memory intl = internal(_name2, _ammount);
   myList.push(external(_id, _name1, intl);

You can forget about the restricted modifier;

The error I am getting here is on the 'intl' struct and it says:

Invalid type for argument in function call. Invalid implicit conversion from struct Contract_Name.internal memory to struct Contract_Name.internal memory[] memory requested.

So I assume it is pretty obvious, but I have no clue of how to fix it and make it work. Please help

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seems like creating a mapping for an Internal struct will be better inside your External struct. Something like

 struct External {
  string id;
  string name1:
  mapping (uint => Internal) internals;

maybe be this will help,to understand struct, check out this example

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