In a hardhat project I'm using smock to mock an ERC20 contract and chai's calledOnce to assert:

    const {expect} = require("chai")
    const {artifacts, ethers} = require("hardhat")
    const {smock} = require("@defi-wonderland/smock")

    it("Should successfuly invoke transfer of given ERC20", async () => {
        const MyContractFactory = await ethers.getContractFactory("MyContract")
        const myContract = await MyContractFactory.deploy()
        await myContract.deployed()

        const fakeERC20 = await smock.fake('IERC20');

        const erc20Contract = fakeERC20.address
        const amount = 5
        const to = '0xEA674fdDe714fd979de3EdF0F56AA9716B898ec8'

        const txReceipt = await myContract.myTransfer(erc20Contract, to, amount)

        expect(fakeERC20.transfer).to.have.been.calledWith(to, amount);

I'm getting an error:

Error: Invalid Chai property: calledOnce

I've tried using sinon and explained here but got another error:

TypeError: { [Function]
   { callHistory: [ [Object] ],
     name: 'transfer',
     answerByIndex: {},
     answerByArgs: [],
     encoder: [Function],
     defaultAnswer: { value: true, shouldRevert: false } },
  atCall: [Function: bound atCall],
  getCall: [Function: bound getCall],
  returns: [Function: bound returns],
  returnsAtCall: [Function: bound returnsAtCall],
  reverts: [Function: bound reverts],
  revertsAtCall: [Function: bound revertsAtCall],
  whenCalledWith: [Function: bound whenCalledWith],
  reset: [Function: bound reset] } is not a spy or a call to a spy!

Any ideas?

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Solved by adding


So basically you should:

  • Follow the official documentation of smock (an awesome library!)

  • If your tests are failing with Invalid Chai property when calling calledOnce you should install sinon and sinon-chai.

  • Eventually your imports look more or less like:

    const chai = require('chai')

    const sinon = require('sinon')

    const sinonChai = require('sinon-chai')

    const {ethers} = require('hardhat')

    const {smock} = require('@defi-wonderland/smock')

    const expect = chai.expect



From here here.

You can resolve this issue by adding the below at the beginning of you test. chai.config.proxyExcludedKeys.push('calledOnce');

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