I have read all the other answers, but it doesnt seem to really work for me. At first I thought it worked but then I noticed it didnt. What is the best way to retrieve the value of the last event that happened. Sample code:

import { React, useState, useEffect } from "react";

const [counter, setCounter] = useState();

dex.getPastEvents('NewDeadline', {
    filter: {},
    fromBlock: 'latest',
    toBlock: 'latest'
    for(var k in events){


Of curse I could iterate throught them and get the last value of all the logs. But this doesnt seem like good practice.

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Very simple answer I just figured out myself: Just do fromBlock: 0 to get all Events, and as Index just type events.length-1. In the end really simple.



fromBlock: 'latest',
toBlock: 'latest'

you can see only events from one last block. You need set fromBlock to 0 or latest-n to get more range

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