We are trying to use 0x protocol for trading ERC721 on Polygon. And I am kind of lost where is correct information. Could someone point to the right direction.

Contract addresses: where is correct version - https://0x.org/docs/guides/0x-cheat-sheet or package 0x/contract-addresses? Cheat Sheet doesn't have any for Polygon (neither production, nor mumbai), 0x/contract-addresses has very few (just proxies). Does it mean that 0x is not supported on Polygon?

For ganache-cli docker image Cheat Sheet lists addresses, but 0x/contract-addresses does not.

Is 0x/contract-artifacts package is in sync with 0xorg/ganache-cli:latest docker image and Polygon mumbai/mainnet deployment?

Can I use contracts directly (with web3) or I have to go via contract-wrappers?

Is it possible to use fillOrder method of the exchange or I have to use orderbook with API https://0x.org/docs/api?

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For deployments not on Ethereum mainnet, you'll need to go through the link that says "see other contract-address packages".

That will take you to the contract-address package. The values in that addresses.json correspond to the different chainIds. Check lines 254 - 337 which correspond to chainIds for Polygon = 137 and PolygonMumbai = 80001.

  • Thank you for pointing me to contract-addresses package, but it doens't have addresses for exchange, erc20proxy, etc721proxy and others contracts. Does it mean that I cannot use 0x v3 protocol on Polygon?
    – Alex
    Commented Dec 22, 2021 at 7:59
  • There aren't any officially supported deployments of 0x v3 on Polygon, but there are some that were built in collaboration w/ us you could use. Here are 2: Mumbai Exchange Contract and Polygon Exchange Contract
    – 0x_jess
    Commented Dec 23, 2021 at 20:33

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