I'm creating a smart contract that can both make flash loans and swap tokens via 0x. I can call the flash loan and token swap functions just fine, but when I try to call the token swap within the flash loan callback, I get the error: execution reverted: SafeERC20: low-level call failed.

If I understand this error correctly, I believe this means I'm not approving the tokens properly. Here's the gist of what my code looks like:

/// Make a flash loan.
function makeFlashLoan(...) {
    IERC20(borrowedTokenAddress).approve(zrxSpender, uint256(-1));

/// Callback for flash loan.
function executeOperation(...) {
    IERC20(borrowedTokenAddress).approve(lendingPoolAddress, uint256(-1));

/// Swap a token on 0x.
function swapOnZrx(...) {
    IERC20(fromToken).approve(zrxSpender, uint256(-1));
    (bool success,) = _swapTarget.call(_swapCallData);

If I make a transaction to just call swapOnZrx, the transaction succeeds. Similarly, if I make a transaction to just call makeFlashLoan with swapOnZrx commented out, the transaction also succeeds. However, When I call makeFlashLoan with the call to swapOnZrx, I keep getting the SafeERC20 error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been struggling with this error for almost an entire day :(

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Yikes. Turns out this was happening since I wasn't paying back my flashloan. 🤦

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