Well, I'm working on developing an NFT game. So far it's all right. I have already created my ERC20 contract for currency. At that moment when I create the contract I created 5 separate portfolios, each portfolio will have 20%.

My question now is the following: I realized that in order to add my currency to Pancake, I need to have liquidity, correct? In this case I need to collect funds, and I found the ICO alternative. That said, I made a contract that will sell 20% of my tokens and whatever is generated I would put in Pancake. And here that the question arises, for me to add liquidity I need to have 20% of my token, however, I have already allocated all the % to portfolios with different purposes, and how do I add liquidity when I don't have plus the tokens?

Or better, could you explain to me how I can do this? I've been researching a lot on the topic, I can't find anything that is "explanatory" enough on the way these questions work.


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