After initializing with $ npx hardhat I am having trouble when deploying using hardhat.

HardhatError: HH700: Artifact for contract "<contract_name>" not found.

I can compile my contract with no errors $ npx hardhat compile, however when I try to deploy it using the deploy script I get the error:

$nnpx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network rinkeb

HardhatError: HH700: Artifact for contract "<contract_name>" not found.

In my hardhat.config.js I have the paths:

        sources: "./contracts",
        artifacts: "./artifacts",
        cache: "./cache"

and in the deploy script deploy.js I have

    const NFT = await hre.ethers.getContractFactory("contract");
    const nft = await NFT.deploy();

    await nft.deployed();

and I have te contract saved in contracts/contract.sol.

I don't know which is the problem.

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Well, I managed to find out what was wrong. The contract filename and the contract definition were different. I don't know if the filename of the contract and the contract definition has to be the same.

In contracts/contract.sol I have:

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

imports ...

contract NTFContract is ERC1155, Ownable {...

After renaming contracts/contract.sol --> contracts/NTFContract.sol I don't have this problem anymore and I am able to deploy it correctly.

I still wonder which is the convention in general for solidity and for hardhat.

edit: apparently contract name matching the filename is a convention


if you compiled with a different filename previously, it could be defunct cache data causing the error. you could try rebuilding the cache to clear the problem

$ npx hardhat clean ; npx hardhat compile

quick and easy so worth a try


"After renaming contracts/contract.sol --> contracts/NTFContract.sol I have no more this problem and I am able to deploy it correctly."

Make sure that the file name is changed in the cache/solidity-files-cache.json as well, otherwise the error will persist even after renamining.

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