full contract code

I have a contract (code above) where ether is bet on either side 0 or side 1. A winning side is determined (payout function), and the amount of ether that a winner will receive is determined by this formula:

(amount wei winner bet/amount of wei in winning pool)*(amt. of wei in winning pool + amt. of wei in losing pool)

The problem is that sometimes the formula will give a value of 0 when run on the contract when it doesn't in real life causing nobody to be paid. What's the best way to distribute the amount of ether that a winner deserves?

  • Help me please and tell me where you found it? – Stepan Poperechnyi Sep 21 '17 at 11:10

found it out myself, i multiplied all percentages by 10000 so they wouldnt be rounded down to 0.

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