Blockchain explorers show "transfer" instead of the method id for some of the transactions on their list, so there should be a way to filter transactions based on the method they call. How can I filter transaction based on being transfer/non-transfer ones? I guess I can use


Not sure how it can be done though.

I am aware that debug.traceTransaction is a possibility, however I'm looking for a less costly way to achieve this.

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The function identifier is what will allow you to define transfer vs non transfer function.

Basically, it is the first 4 bytes of the call data.

Take this transaction which did a USDC transfer.

The first 4 bytes of the call data are : 0xa9059cbb. Those are matching the first 4 bytes of keccak256("transfer(address, uint256)") : 0xa9059cbb....

So you can identify every transfer transaction if the first 4 bytes of call data match that value.

The following code does exactly this on the tx that I linked previously :

import web3 from "web3";

const Web3 = new web3("https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/PROJECT-ID");

const transferIdentifier = Web3.eth.abi.encodeFunctionSignature("transfer(address,uint256)");

const tx = await Web3.eth.getTransaction("0x87f86d88cc3461b0ed120979bc7c1c47fd3dd8638cc3a4632f02ace629920678");

if (tx.input.slice(0, transferIdentifier.length) === transferIdentifier) {
  console.log("This is a transfer");

Hope that helps !

EDIT: This might be usefull for you if you want to identify a wider range of calls.

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