I'm hosting my web site on swarm now. And I registered a .test FIFS domain to point to it: 5.test

I can verify that I am the owner of that domain with the ensutils.js:

> ens.owner(namehash('5.test'));

I use the public resolver:

> ens.setResolver(namehash('5.test'), publicResolver.address, {from: eth.accounts[0]});

And finally, I tell it there is swarm content at the hash location:

> publicResolver.setContent(namehash('5.test'), 'f1a669a425b378bd8034fe0df7fea098c8b932a6037b688764afda1e92a8db1e', {from: eth.accounts[0], gas: 100000})

As far as I can tell, all the transactions executed correctly. However, navigating to bzz:/5.test/index.htm does give me:

Manifest not Found

Any idea? How to correctly use the ENS registered domains with swarm hosted content?

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You need to add '0x' to the beginning of the content hash in the setContent function.

publicResolver.setContent(namehash('5.test'), '0xf1a669a425b378bd8034fe0df7fea098c8b932a6037b688764afda1e92a8db1e', {from: eth.accounts[0], gas: 100000}) 

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