I am trying to override the _mint function of the ERC20.sol as i want. Unfortunately, i am getting an error which I will attach below.

Does anybody know how can I overcome this issue?

Here is my function which is intended to add some rules to the original _mint function of the ERC20.sol

function _mint(address _owner, uint _amount) override public pure{
    if (_amount > 0 && isContained[_owner] == false) {
        isContained[_owner] = true;
    _mint(_owner, _amount);

And this is the error i am given

enter image description here

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The error is self explanatory.

You want to override the following function :

function _mint(address account, uint256 amount) internal virtual

But your definition is :

function _mint(address _owner, uint256 _amount) override public pure

Your function needs to be internal too (matching the signature and visibility of the function it overrides)

Try like this :

function _mint(address _owner, uint256 _amount) internal virtual override

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