When I try and pipx install eth-brownie I get the following error:

PS C:\Users\karee\web3_py_simple_storage> pipx install eth-brownie
No Python at 'C:\Users\karee\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\python.exe'
Fatal error from pip prevented installation. Full pip output in file:

Error installing eth-brownie.

I originally installed python 3.10 (on Windows). However, had issues so I deleted and installed 3.9.5. I deleted all PATH mentions of 3.10 in my environmental variables.

I'm new to coding and don't really understand PATHs well. Any help resolving this issue so I can pipx install eth-brownie would be greatly appreciated!

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Okay, so I found a fix.


Basically, After installing/reinstall python, pipx got confused. I had already tried uninstalling/reinstalling pipx but it did not help.

The link above saved the day. In addition to uninstalling/reinstalling pipx, I deleted the contents of the .local file and that worked!


Removing .local did not work for me.

However after removing C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\pipx

It worked!

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