I have parity install on my Mac, even though I removed it via application folder. It's still running in the background. How can I remove it completely from my computer?

My localhost 8080 keeps routing to parity.

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Here is the uninstall script for Parity on Macs from https://github.com/ethcore/parity/blob/master/mac/uninstall-parity.sh


if [[ "$SUDO_USER" == "" ]] ; then
    echo "This script requires elevated privileges."
    sudo $0

su $SUDO_USER -c "launchctl stop io.parity.ethereum"
su $SUDO_USER -c "launchctl unload $PLIST"
rm -f /usr/local/libexec/parity /usr/local/libexec/uninstall-parity.sh /usr/local/bin/ethstore $PLIST

You can try searching for the uninstall script with the filename uninstall-parity.shon your Mac and try running it, or just try executing the instructions manually.

Update Feb 11 2017

To manually stop the Parity daemon:

sudo launchctl stop io.parity.ethereum

To remove the autostarting of the Parity daemon:

sudo launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/io.parity.ethereum.plist

To uninstall Parity, execute the script that is installed on your computer.


The file mentioned in the above solution is now located here:



If you installed parity via homebrew then it should as easy as typing:

brew uninstall parity

This should both stop the services as well as uninstall the application completely.

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