function bid(bytes32 _blindedBid)
        // If the bid is not higher, send the money back
        // (the failing require will revert all changes in this function execution including it having received the money).
        require(msg.value >= minBid, "Your bid is lower then minimum bidding amount. Try bidding higher!");
            blindedBid: _blindedBid,
            deposit: msg.value

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You can, for instance, have a mapping of addresses having already placed a bid and a require based on it

mapping(address=>bool) alreadyBid;

then require(!alreadyBid[msg.sender], "max bid reachded");

  • I make a contract in which i am making a multiple auction using singal contract and bidders can bid. But i want to add functionality when bidder place a bid he can selet auction from multiple auctions. IS there any solution?
    – Salman
    Nov 11, 2021 at 7:13

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