I'm looking to get the ID of the chain/network I'm running a script on in hardhat. How can I get the names and IDs?

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There are a few ways to get the network/chain name/id. We are going to assume you are in a script that you'd like to run, or a test. When running these, you must have a hardhat.config.ts or hardhat.config.js, and you must be running the script "in" hardhat. For example: npx hardhat run scripts/your_script_here.ts

import hre from 'hardhat'
const networkName = hre.network.name
const chainId = hre.network.config.chainId

This means, you'll need a hardhat.config that looks something like:

const config: HardhatUserConfig = {
    defaultNetwork: 'hardhat',
    networks: {
        hardhat: {
            chainId: 31337,
            accounts: [process.env.PRIVATE_KEY!],

You could also create a file that has a mapping between your network/chain name and ID.

Alternatively, you could use hardhat-deploy with something like:

import { HardhatRuntimeEnvironment } from 'hardhat/types'
import { DeployFunction } from 'hardhat-deploy/types'
const deployScript: DeployFunction = async function (
  hre: HardhatRuntimeEnvironment
) {
  const { getChainId } = hre
  const chainId = await getChainId()

Combined with a network mapping.

  • Hi, big fan thanks for ur videos :) could you please do a video or tutorial or blog article to explain the new gas system in ethereum and how to configure it correctly inside a transaction in hardhat or ethers. It was very simple before London fork.. now it is not :(
    – Majd TL
    Nov 5, 2021 at 18:10

Another way to do it that works for me is

const { ethers } = require("hardhat");

const network = await ethers.getDefaultProvider().getNetwork();
console.log("Network name=", network.name);
console.log("Network chain id=", network.chainId);

As with the accepted answer, you must be running "in" Hardhat for this to work.

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