I made a button to send 1BNB to another account by using Ether.js.

As I know, 1BNB has 8 decimals.

However, when I have to send 1 BNB to another, I need to put 1*10**18 which is 18 decimals

So, the code is

    const tx = await signer.sendTransaction({
        from: userAddr, 
        value: ethers.utils.parseEther('1')

It can be clearly seen that I am sending 1 * 10^18, not 1 * 10^8 BNB. However, 1*10^18 indicates 1BNB.

if 1*10^18 is really 1BNB, then 1 Jager(= 0.00000001 BNB) is 1 * 10^10?

Would someone please explain this to me?

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BNB has 18 decimals on Binance Smart Chain (like other EVM native token) and 8 decimals on Binance Chain.

Based on your use of ethers, I’m guessing your interacting with BNB on BSC (and therefore use 18 decimals).


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    And to add to the confusion, "Binance Chain" is merging with the "Binance Smart Chain" to be called the "BNB Chain" in 2022. May 26, 2022 at 5:10

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