In OpenZeppelin's ERC721 contract what was the design decision behind making _tokenapprovals a mapping, but _operatorApprovals a multidimensional mapping? Why restrict the ability to approve transfer of a single token, to only one address (_tokenapprovals), but create a data structure that gives multiple external addresses control over ALL account owned tokens (_operatorApprovals). What where the practical scenarios envisaged to arrive at this pattern?

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This is a requirement of the ERC-721 standard.

  • Token approvals are a one-per-token data model.
  • Approvals-for-all are a one-per-operator-and

_tokenapprovals is related to the function approve andapprove is an approval specific to a tokenID


_operatorApprovals is related to the function setApprovalForAll and setApprovalForAll is for all tokenIds for a given ERC721 contract.

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