I ran brownie run scripts/rizer_incept/set_tokenuri.py --network rinkeby and I got this error

TransactionError: Tx dropped without known replacement: 0x0a3c830623e6cd6d07783902f418cd1c3e169ebf1bcb08390f32ddf7aadae291

and when I ran it again I got this

Running 'scripts/rizer_incept/set_tokenuri.py::main'...
Working on rinkeby
The number of tokens you've deployed is: 1
Skipping 0, we already set that tokenURI!

The problem is that there is no image for the token on opensea:

I correctly uploaded the json metadata and image to ipfs. See these content hashes

QmdxacdJ3VAXThKB2xbYCPBE9KWq8VfGHhdKhrFWMKGVij - metadata json file
QmNfavcLue8H9bsY5CC4v9rx4DSpwrVmEiC5ndjEsM8v1R - png image

this is my code in the file set_tokenuri.py, I got the code from https://github.com/PatrickAlphaC/nft-mix with some minor modifications.

from brownie import RizerIncept, accounts, network, config
from scripts.helpful_scripts import get_type, OPENSEA_FORMAT

rizer_metadata_dic = {
    "FIRST_R": "https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmdxacdJ3VAXThKB2xbYCPBE9KWq8VfGHhdKhrFWMKGVij?filename=first-r.png",

def main():
    print("Working on " + network.show_active())
    rizer_incept = RizerIncept[len(RizerIncept) - 1]
    number_of_rizer_incepts = rizer_incept.tokenCounter()
        "The number of tokens you've deployed is: "
        + str(number_of_rizer_incepts)
    for token_id in range(number_of_rizer_incepts):
        rizerType = get_type(rizer_incept.tokenIdToRizerType(token_id))
        if not rizer_incept.tokenURI(token_id).startswith("https://"):
            print("Setting tokenURI of {}".format(token_id))
            set_tokenURI(token_id, rizer_incept,
            print("Skipping {}, we already set that tokenURI!".format(token_id))

def set_tokenURI(token_id, nft_contract, tokenURI):
    dev = accounts.add(config["wallets"]["from_key"])
    nft_contract.setTokenURI(token_id, tokenURI, {"from": dev})
        "Awesome! You can view your NFT at {}".format(
            OPENSEA_FORMAT.format(nft_contract.address, token_id)
    print('Please give up to 20 minutes, and hit the "refresh metadata" button')

Also I checked on checkmynft.com and I got Error: Could not fetch token URI. enter image description here

Do you know what the problem is?

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