I am using brownie to interact with my Ethereum smart contracts. The scripts and tests are located in parallel scripts/ and test/ folders. How can I access the functions from scripts/ in test/ files?

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Unfortunately relative imports do not work.

from ..scripts.helper import get_account
from ..scripts.deploy_fund_me import deploy_fund_me

def test_stake_and_withdraw():
    account = get_account()
    fund_me = deploy_fund_me()
    entry_fee = fund_me.getEntryFee()
    tx = fund_me.stake({"from": account, "value": entry_fee})
    assert (
        fund_me.fundsByStaker(account.address) == entry_fee
    ), f"{account.address}'s staking failed!"

The tests are run using the brownie test command from the brownie_demo/ project's location. Using from scripts.helper import get_account does not work as well.

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Add a __init__.py file in your scripts folder.

For reference on python modules

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