I recently asked another question, but I deleted that one because I can narrow down my question to something simpler.

Suppose an ethereum ERC-20 token contract can emit the following event:

event Approval(address indexed owner, address indexed spender, uint256 value);

Is there a service (paid or free) I can use to watch for this event and be notified preferably by SMS (or email) whenever it is emitted?

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You can use OpenZeppelin Defender it has a Sentinels functionality that allows to monitor a deployed contract, and you can choose to be notified via Email, Slack, Telegram, or Discord, push data to Datadog, or execute an Autotask in response to a notification.

*Note: I'm not affiliated with the products mentioned.

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    Thanks for the suggestion! Hadn't heard about this. I'm willing to pay for the service but from their pricing table they have no individual plan with mainnet access. I would need the "Teams" plan which is $500/month. Too rich for my blood. Have you heard of tenderly.co? They are built with monitoring/alerts in mind, have a 14 day trial and $80/month gets it done. Am not affiliated, but trying it just now. Only downside might be no SMS notification Oct 31, 2021 at 1:36

I decided to use the Tenderly.co service. It does not offer SMS notifications, but there are other options that will have to do for now, such as email.

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