While testing NFT contract on Rinkeby I encountered a situation where I cannot transfer eth from my contract. I had 0.01 Eth on the contract and then I called transfer to withdraw 0.008 Eth (transaction)

    function transfer(address payable _to, uint256 _amount) public onlyOwner {
        (bool success, ) = _to.call{value: _amount}("");
        require(success, "Failed to send Ether");

The transaction is successful, it deducts Eth from the contract but my wallet does not receive the value. Only thing that indicates any error is

ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.

But according to my understanding I should not emit this event on my own, because it is not necessary in the official tutorials, e.g. in https://solidity-by-example.org/payable/.

Might there be a problem with the fact that the contract is inherited from ERC721?

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The ether was transferred correctly. Most wallet don't show internal transaction and probably the wallet you are using isn't displaying a change, but the balance should reflect the change.

Etherscan believes it is a token transfer because of the function signature (transfer(address,uint256)). Since no Transfer event is emitted it shows the error ERC-20 Token Transfer Error.

TL;DR Function works correctly, ether is transferred.

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