Two questions for the team of 0x.org

  • Can we connect our own router to your system? (same as apeswap and cafeswap did)
  • Can we somehow take payment for the transactions in our coin, not in yours? (everything will be on BSC)
  • Gotcha, sorry, I deleted my previous comment. Let's delete these other too as well. Oct 25, 2021 at 14:35

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This is the same answer you'll find in our DM on Discord, but I'd like to put it here for posterity:

You can find more about consuming liquidity surfaced by our /orderbook endpoint here: https://0x.org/docs/api#orderbook, https://protocol.0x.org/en/latest/basics/orders.html#limit-orders, https://protocol.0x.org/en/latest/basics/functions.html#filllimitorder. If you're having more specific issues with your integration, please put them up on StackExchange in as much detail as possible and we'll provide further technical help 🙂

In terms of taking other liquidity, you can also surface liquidity through our /swap endpoint: https://0x.org/docs/api#swap.

Taking fees in anything other than the native token is not supported by the 0x API at this time.

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