We are trying to implement a token contract in ethereum which will have some tokenomics strategies built-in, for eg. Some tokens will be pre allocated to certain addresses on contract deployment itself.. Some tokens will follow a vesting schedule before unlocking to be withdrawn to certain address, while also an inflation logic for a chunk of tokens.. Do we have any example contracts as such in solidity that deals with such tokenomics strategies?

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For vesting strategies you can check the Ethereum's Stackexchange question Time Lock and vesting smart contract with what the author describe as a

really quick and untested scribble to give you some ideas. Starting with the ERC20 interface by openzeppelin

Also in Openzeppelin there is a smart contract called VestingWallet.sol that

handles the vesting of Eth and ERC20 tokens for a given beneficiary. Custody of multiple tokens can be given to this contract, which will release the token to the beneficiary following a given vesting schedule. The vesting schedule is customizable through the {vestedAmount} function.

There is a medium post about the Cardstack token vesting strategy influenced by the OpenZeppelin implementation.

There is also a youtube video from the Dapp Academy called Create Token Vesting with Smart Contracts - #12 Real World ICO on Ethereum

Regarding an inflation logic you can start by checking the OpenZeppelin's MintableToken implementation and a solution like AION to schedule calls to the contract at a point in the future

I hope this answer your question, there are smart contracts with various tokenomics strategies out there.

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