I am trying to use the javascript library "@ensdomains/ensjs" to reverse resolve some ethereum addresses in the ROPSTEN network. The problem I have is that the following instruction :

var name = await ens.getName(address)

is always returning and object such as {"name":null} even when I use addresses such as '0x123cb34636cce955d7dfa64ee1c1072f49d44800' that have a corresponding ens name (https://ropsten.etherscan.io/enslookup-search?search=josh.eth).

According to the documentation I found here : https://docs.ens.domains/dapp-developer-guide/resolving-names. Not only the returned value should not be null but it should not be an object either.....

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the reason why it does not work is because the address has not been registered in the reverse registry... now the problem is there does not seem to be a reverse registrar in the Ropsten network...

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