Where can I find a machine readable grammar for EVM? (and for Solidity)

Also, apart from Solidity, what other high-level languages currently exist that compile to EVM opcodes?

The reason I am asking is I'm looking for (or trying to create) some static analysis tools that look at EVM or Solidity and find exploits like TheDAO.

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The question of grammar - specifically for Solidity - has come up before:

...as has the question of what languages are available for writing smart contracts:

In addition to the languages mentioned in the previous (rather old) answer, there is also an experimental language based on Python called Viper.

Finally, I believe static analysis is something that the Browser Solidity folks have been looking at (see here), which together with the EVM enhancements outlined in issue #3404 will supposedly make code more easily statically analysed.


Solidity's grammar.txt file has moved since the linked answer was posted. It can now be found here: https://github.com/ethereum/solidity/blob/develop/docs/grammar.txt


There is also a xText project and the xText gramma description is quite similar to BNF:


xText uses ANTLR in the background.


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