I am having some trouble using Aion's scheduling service. I am trying to use it for an auction style service and the transactions do not seem to be getting completed from their end. I can view them being tried and going to pending here but they ultimately fail and get retried. This has been happening for a couple days now and I cannot figure out how to resolve it.

abstract contract Aion {
    uint256 public serviceFee;
    function ScheduleCall(uint256 blocknumber, address to, uint256 value, uint256 gaslimit, uint256 gasprice, bytes memory data, bool schedType) virtual public payable returns (uint,address);

contract CardAuction is CardOwnership {

    Aion aion;

    function createCardAuction(uint _cardId, uint _startingBid, uint _duration) external checkAuctionDuration(_duration) onlyCardOwner(_cardId) {
        require(!cardIsForSale[_cardId], 'CARD ALREADY UP FOR AUCTION');
        aion = Aion(0xFcFB45679539667f7ed55FA59A15c8Cad73d9a4E);
        bytes memory data = abi.encodeWithSelector(bytes4(keccak256('endAuction(uint)')), _cardId);
        uint callCost = 500000*1e9 + aion.serviceFee();
        aion.ScheduleCall{value: callCost}(block.timestamp + _duration, address(this), 0, 500000, 1e9, data, true);        

        cardIsForSale[_cardId] = true;
        cardToCurrentBid[_cardId] = _startingBid;
        auctionExpireDate[_cardId] = block.timestamp + _duration;
        // emit AuctionOpened(_cardId, _startingBid, block.timestamp + _duration);
        AuctionOpened(auctionId, _cardId, _startingBid, block.timestamp + _duration, msg.sender);

And here is the function being called

    function endAuction(uint _cardId) public {
        require(auctionExpireDate[_cardId] <= block.timestamp);

        if(leadingBidder[_cardId] != address(0)) {
        AuctionClosed(cardToAuctionId[_cardId], _cardId, cardToCurrentBid[_cardId], leadingBidder[_cardId], leadingBidder[_cardId] != address(0));
        cardIsForSale[_cardId] = false;
        cardToCurrentBid[_cardId] = 0;
        leadingBidder[_cardId] = address(0);
        auctionExpireDate[_cardId] = 0;
        cardToAuctionId[_cardId] = 0;

Please let me know if anybody can spot any errors or mistakes I have made as this has been quite the headache to troubleshoot

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