function calculate(
   uint index
       )public view returns(uint, uint, bool){
   uint avh1;
   uint avh2;
   uint avh3;
   uint avl1;
   uint avl2;
   uint avl3;
   uint allowbuy;
   uint allowsell;
           //function add(uint256 a, uint256 b) internal pure returns (uint256) {
        //   return a + b;
           priceHistory memory coinToReturn = stableCoins[index];
           avh1 = coinToReturn.highestPricethismonth.add (coinToReturn.highestPrice2MonthsAgo);
           avh2 = coinToReturn.highestPrice3MonthsAgo.add (coinToReturn.highestPrice4MonthsAgo);
           avh3 = avh1.add (avh2); avh3/4= allowsell;
           avl1 = coinToReturn.lowestPricethismonth.add (coinToReturn.lowestPrice2MonthsAgo);
           avl2 = coinToReturn.lowestPrice3MonthsAgo.add (coinToReturn.lowestPrice4MonthsAgo);
           avl3 = avl1.add (avl2); avl3.div  (4)  = allowbuy;
          return (allowbuy);
          return (allowsell);
          return (success);

on the lines where I end up dividing, no matter the methods i use to divide I keep getting the same error message, "expression has to be an 1value"


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These are not valid solidity code

avh3/4= allowsell;


avl3.div  (4)  = allowbuy;

To assign the result to the varibales you have to swap left and right

allowsell = avh3/4;


allowbuy = avl3.div(4);

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