There is how I launch Geth node:

geth --fast --rpc --ipcapi= "admin,eth,personal" --rpcapi= "eth,web3,personal"

with following test-only unlocking account:

geth --exec 'personal.unlockAccount(eth.coinbase, "psw" ,0)' attach

About one-two hour(s) Geth can execute web3.eth.sendTransaction() correctly, but later on attempts to execute this fails, the method just locks either my app's running (if it is used in web3-app, even with async callback) or js-console (if it is used with JS-console). There is no any exception, just endless locking.

Additional information:

  1. Ether is sufficiently
  2. Account is not locked
  3. web3.net.listening returns true
  4. web3.eth.getBlock("latest") returns a 2-hours-outdated block

So, I see my Geth stopped sync. What can be a cause? Why do not sendTransaction() throw any exception?

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