How can I add function and array to already deployed contract on the main net.

//Already deployed contract
struct User  {
    address  wallet_address;  
    string  userId;
    string  first_name;
    string  last_name;
    string  email_id;
    bool set;
    string private_key;


  mapping(address => User)  users; 
  mapping(string => address) walletAccount;
  mapping(address => uint) public balanceOf;
  User public newUser ;
  uint public length;
  address public owner;
  constructor() public{
      owner = msg.sender;


  function createNewUser(address userAcc,string memory _id,string memory firstName,string memory lastName,string memory emailId,string memory _private_key) public  {

      User storage user = users[userAcc];
     users[userAcc] = User(userAcc,_id,firstName,lastName,emailId,true,_private_key); 
      walletAccount[emailId] = userAcc;

  function getUser(address _userAddress,string memory _emailId) public view returns(address,string memory,string memory,string memory,string memory,string memory){
       User memory user = users[_userAddress];

How do I add this array to the struct of the deployed contract and also this new function to it?

  //Need to add to the deployed contract
  User[] public registeredArray;
  function Listofuser()public view returns(address[] memory){
    return registeredArray;

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You can't modify already deployed contracts. They are immutable, so their contents can't be changed - only their internal state may be altered (so you can change a variable's value, for example).

If you need to make changes to an already deployed contract, you make the changes and deploy a new version to a new address.

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