In my transfer function, I want to only allow the to address to be a contract that implements a certain interface.

I used this to check:

require(IERC165(to).supportsInterface(0xabcdef), "Wrong interface");

This works correctly if to is a contract address that implements ERC165. But when to is an EOA or a contract that doesn't implements ERC165, the statement will revert without any revert message. It seems like supportsInterface might have been "undefined" and hence the error. I might not have done the check safely and correctly since to really can be any address.

How should I do a check for the interface in a safe and more graceful way?

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A way is to isContract to detect EOA and then use try/catch for contracts

require(isContract(to), "Not a contract");

try IERC165(to).supportsInterface(0xabcdef) returns (bool supported) {
    // Contracts support ERC-165
    require(supported, "Unsupported interface");
} catch (bytes memory /*lowLevelData*/) {
    // Contracts doesn't support ERC-165
    require(supported, "Unsupported ERC-165");

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