We keep getting an error from our node application with the following error:

Transaction was not mined within 750 seconds, please make sure your transaction was properly sent. Be aware that it might still be mined!

I've traced the error back and the transactions are being mined in around a minute most times. I was going to increase the gas price but I don't feel it's going to help.

Some info:

  • The transaction is going through Infura with Web3 and it's intermittent.
  • The transaction is interacting with a smart contract function on the Etherum mainnet.
  • The transaction completed in 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Gas limit: 300,000
  • Gas used: 43%
  • Gas price 63 gwei
  • Web3 1.3.5

Should I just updated web3 or increase the gas? Is there an error I can capture for this event? I'm concerned that none of this matters as it's completing in a couple of minutes but web3 is reporting that it's going over the poll limit.


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