my problem is the decimal value of USDC is 6. The amount of 0.1 we enter turns into 100000.

I want to return it with php so that's what I want. When I enter the number and decimal value in a method, it should give me the output of amount.

function prepareAmount(amount, decimals) {
   // code

// Examples
$amount = 100000;
$decimals = 6;

prepareAmount($amount, $decimals); // 0.1;

$amount = 1000000;
$decimals = 6;

prepareAmount($amount, $decimals); // 1;

This is how I solved it guys.

function prepareAmount($amount, $decimals)
        $length = '1' . str_repeat('0', $decimals);
        return floatval(bcdiv($amount, $length, $decimals));

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