I'm literally just trying to create a new file in remix and it is not working. Same goes for new folder. When I try to create a new file/folder the empty bar appears for me to type in and yet I cannot type anything. No cursor shows in the bar either. If I click away from the bar or even press enter it completely disappears as if I never attempted to create a new file at all.

new file attempt

  • It is working now. In that situation you may try another browser chrome, brave, firefox, running in a "private" window. Also you can report to their github project github.com/ethereum/remix-project.
    – Ismael
    Sep 28 at 4:40
  • It is NOT working....I literally cannot type anything in the box to write the name of the file. If i hit any key it immediately disappears. I know I can open another browser like chrome and work from there but I want to work with Safari and remix will not let me create new files or folders on Safari. To repeat, it is NOT working. Still. Even if I just open a new window. Reboot. Nothing.
    – srg
    Sep 30 at 1:19
  • You didn't mention Safari previously, I've tested with Chrome, Firefox, Brave and I was able to create a file. As mentioned previously try reporting in remix-ide github project, they have a similar issue open for ipads github.com/ethereum/remix-project/issues/1505.
    – Ismael
    Sep 30 at 2:13

It did not work for me either when I used Safari. It works on Google Chrome. Hope it helps.

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