Having a difficult time with loops and arrays in Solidity. If i have a simple contract like below (no mapping, just a struct array), is it possible to loop through the array to get a particular EntityStruct? Anyone care to show me what this might look like as far as setting up the loop is concerned?

contract simpleList {
     struct EntityStruct {
        address entityAddress;
        uint entityData;
     EntityStruct[] public entityStructs;

You can use a simple for loop. Like this:

function test() public view {
     for (uint i; i < entityStructs.length; i++) {
         address firstAddr = entityStructs[i].entityAddress;

You can manipulate the values inside the loop as you want.

  • Thank you for the response. One question though... does this function have to take address as an argument/input? Where do i input the address I want to look up in the array?
    – Blockpain
    Sep 22 at 22:04
  • No it doesn't have to. It depends on what you need. If you want to find a specific address from the array, then you probably want to take the address as an argument, and compare it against the addresses inside the loop. Something like if (paramAddr == entityStructs[i].entityAddress) { doSomething } Sep 23 at 4:38

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