I have a mapping of a mapping that stores 3 things

1 Address of buyer 2 Address of seller 3 Amount spent.

The goal is to store the amount spent by both parties, so that if buyer B something from seller A, the total amount you spent is recorded, and if buyer X buys from Seller A - it will also be recorded on its own. So then at a later point, one party is able to do something with that value.

I'd like to retrieve the amount spent and seller's address - when I ONLY have the buyers (msg.sender) address.

How would the data structure for this look like?

Currently I have something like this - but its not going to work as I need both keys

mapping(address => mapping(address => uint256)) public valueSpent;

    function test(uint256 initialPrice, address seller) public returns (bool){
        valueSpent[msg.sender][seller] = valueSpent[msg.sender][seller].add(initialPrice);
        valueSpent[seller][msg.sender] = valueSpent[msg.sender][seller];
        return true;
    function getData() public {
    //how to get the seller's address with only the buyer's address??


How would you achieve this?

The key here is gas optimization - so instead of just storing multiple values, we reduce gas cost as much as possible.

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