All the validators of the binance networks belong to Binance the company and as such as centralized, right?

In case something shady happens, such as a hack that has to do with a vulnerability in a smart contract, and when millions get stolen, can it be that all the validators get a command from someone on the top and try to trace an IP address of some who's created a certain smart contract or sent a certain transction? Thus trying to deanonymize a person.

Or even reverse a transaction?

I'm aware that Ethereum blockchain ins't anonymous. But Binance chains are, therefore, even less so.

  • Whether they will or won't, you still have to trust their policy, which could change. Even if a company says they won't do something, people don't want to have to trust them, that's why they choose decentralized systems. Sep 17 '21 at 18:45
  • Also a hacker can use any RPC provider they wish. This makes it more difficult to track transactions, they'll also have to ask the RPC provider if they have any logs. Sep 18 '21 at 17:36
  • @DavidCallanan yeah, but my question isn't about that
    – kennya
    Sep 19 '21 at 6:30

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