I am using the following to sign a message

 var str="Trial with signature";
 var sig=web3.eth.sign(eth.accounts[0],text);

Now after obtaining the hash value from the text and the signature, to verify the same, I use the following contract

contract signature
    event ret_addr(address addr);
    function sig_verify(bytes32 hash, bytes sig) returns(address)                       //verifying the signature
        bytes32 r;
        bytes32 s;
        uint8 v;
                r := mload(add(sig, 32))
                s := mload(add(sig, 64))
                v := byte(0, mload(add(sig, 96)))
        ret_addr(ecrecover(hash, v, r, s));

The issue is I am not getting the correct address back. Why is this so? It used to work fine earlier but now it is giving some random addresses.


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Something is wrong with assembly section. You can debug by extending your event like this

event ret_addr(address addr, uint8 v, bytes32 r, bytes32 s);

and call it with corrwsponding variables

ret_addr(ecrecover(hash, v, r, s), v, r, s);

My result:

        "topic": "1171b064e2eda38d82ce5fadc8a911d493f2d22ff88013d965c9885638dee60d",
        "event": "ret_addr",
        "args": [

As you can see, v is neither 27 nor 28. r and s are not hex encoded but with 0x prefix.


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