I am using hyperledger-caliper for the benchmarking of my private ethereum network. I followed their official source for the setting it up and get into work with ethereum. But I'm getting error shown here:

Error: You must provide the json interface of the contract when instantiating a contract object.

Here is the networkconfig.json file

    "caliper": {
        "blockchain": "ethereum",
        "command" : {}
    "ethereum": {
        "url": "ws://localhost:7545",
        "contractDeployerAddress": "0x5B14D7452573edB2ABe4941286618Fc09F1Ae085",
        "contractDeployerAddressPassword": "a0969bdb33adfb905d0d94cf4d6b1f63ebee447a17b80972f16e178bd0b219df",
        "fromAddress": "0x5B14D7452573edB2ABe4941286618Fc09F1Ae085",
        "fromAddressPassword": "a0969bdb33adfb905d0d94cf4d6b1f63ebee447a17b80972f16e178bd0b219df",
        "transactionConfirmationBlocks": 2,
        "contracts": {
            "simple": {
                "path": "/home/madddii/Documents/caliper-benchmarks/src/ethereum/simple/simple.json",
                "estimateGas": true,
                "gas": {
                    "query": 100000,
                    "transfer": 70000

The command which I am using for running it up is:

caliper launch manager --caliper-workspace . --caliper-networkconfig ./networks/ethereum/1node-clique/networkconfig.json --caliper-benchconfig benchmarks/scenario/simple/config.yaml --caliper-flow-only-test --caliper-fabric-gateway-enabled -v

Can you please help me out in figuring the solution of this problem.

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