How is Metamask able to interact with Ethereum if it, Metamask, doesn't require running a full node? Does Metamask use any third-party service for it? If so, is this the only way - to use a third-party service, if one doesn't run his own full node?

The question is for other browser or addon wallets out there as well, for other blockchains.


Under the hood, Metamask uses Infura (https://infura.io/faq, search for 'Metamask') node provider.

In order to access the blockchain, you need access to some node. You can either run your own, or use an existing node - such as from a node service provider.

You don't have to run a full node to get access to the blockchain. Depending on your node client, there are other, lighter, node synchronization types. For example Geth has light and fast types.

  • What's the size of a full node of light and fast types of Geth ?
    – Ojag
    Sep 11 at 8:36
  • It depends. If you start fast node now, it will be very small, but will continue to get bigger at the same rate as full node. Unsure about light. Sep 11 at 8:39

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