I'm new on web3, I want to create a code that can buy an item from a store using erc20 and erc721, I'm still confused about how can I do it I did so many searches on youtube and google and still don't have a clear idea. I want to make like the following transaction 0xf45589ed29f6cb075a1254716db7e2245b6093ab60f3794c6d46c4818e5beaa8. I don't know if should I use the safeTransferFrom using openzeppelin, or should I use a specific method on Web3.

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You touch more than one topic. web3 and solidity.

You could transfer tokens using IERC20 interface of a ERC20 token in your smart contract.

safeTransferFrom is in ERC721, to send tokenid (nft) to another contract. eg.


Good start and I recommend you to do more examples.


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