We are creating an ERC-721 token that does through the standard minting procedure. I'm looking for a the most gas efficient way to adjust the price to a tiered system. We want the price to increase every 2000 minted.

Forgive me, I'm new to solidity and gas considerations. Please make your answer beginner friendly.

Here's my mint function:

function mintNFT(uint256 _count) public payable {
        uint256 totalSupply = totalSupply();

        require(isSaleActive, "Sale is not active" );
        require(_count > 0 && _count < MAX_TOKENS_PER_PURCHASE + 1, "Exceeds maximum tokens you can purchase in a single transaction");
        require(totalSupply + _count < MAX_TOKENS + 1, "Exceeds available NFTs");
        require(msg.value >= price * _count, "Ether value sent is not correct");
        for(uint256 i = 0; i < _count; i++){
                _safeMint(msg.sender, totalSupply + i);

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You can simply do this (Explained in comments if it is needed):

//Declare a variable to counter mint
uint256 mintCounter;

//I write the part you want, it is not all
function mintNFT(uint256 _count) public payable{
  mintCounter ++;
  //Part below needs some fixation
  require(msg.value >= price * (1 + (mintCount / 2000)), "Ether value sent is not correct");

That is it. If minCount is 1999, (mintCount / 2000) will be 0 so first 1999 mints will cost just 1x price

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