I am trying to deploy a contract using Deterministic Deployment Proxy to a deterministic address. Since all the network has the deployer proxy deployed to it at address 0x7A0D94F55792C434d74a40883C6ed8545E406D12. In order to deploy a MY_CONTRACT I want to change to address from null to proxy_address on the outbound contract deployment transaction using hardhat, ethers or other helper tools?

That is how to overrides the to field of a contract deployment transaction?

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Here's a code snippet that uses Hardhat, Ethers and TypeChain:

import { TransactionRequest, TransactionResponse } from "@ethersproject/abstract-provider";
import { SignerWithAddress } from "@nomiclabs/hardhat-ethers/signers";
import { task } from "hardhat/config";

import { PRBProxy__factory } from "../../typechain/factories/PRBProxy__factory";

const DETERMINISTIC_DEPLOYMENT_PROXY_ADDRESS: string = "0x7A0D94F55792C434d74a40883C6ed8545E406D12";

task("deploy:contract:prb-proxy").setAction(async function (_, { ethers }): Promise<void> {
  const signers: SignerWithAddress[] = await ethers.getSigners();
  const deployer: SignerWithAddress = signers[0];

  const prbProxyFactory: PRBProxy__factory = new PRBProxy__factory(deployer);
  const deploymentTx: TransactionRequest = prbProxyFactory.getDeployTransaction();
  const txResponse: TransactionResponse = await deployer.sendTransaction(deploymentTx);
  await txResponse.wait();

You can replace PRBProxy__factory with your own contract factory.


We simply do something like: factory.getDeployTransaction(args) to generate the tx, and then add the to and use signer.sendTransaction(tx).

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