When I send a transaction, it usually takes between 7 and 15 seconds for it to be added to the blockchain in Binance Smart Chain.

Advantages of having your own node:

It means that one direct benefit for you is that you won't have problem with overloaded tier nodes that would prevent you from including your transactions on the network. You'll still have problem including your transaction to a block as mining nodes may include transactions with higher fees first, but at least you will skip the first obstacle.

Also if you have a look at this nice article on Ethereum transaction lifecycle in chapter "2.3 Transaction is validated locally", you'll notice that if you have a local node, it will validate your transaction prior to broadcast it. This can make you save some time.

How much can speed be improved approximately in a transaction having a node, would the improvement be closer to 1% or 50%? I mean, is it a significant improvement?

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