I have a list of addresses, and I would like to use them to test my contract in my hardhat ethers project. Normally I get a list of addresses like this:

[a, b, c] = await ethers.getSigners()

but what I want to do is take address 0x70997970C51812dc3A010C7d01b50e0d17dc79C8 and make it into a signer object so I can call:


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Since a signer can be a Wallet, VoidSigner or JsonRpcSigner, you can use the jsonRpcProvider.getSigner( [ addressOrIndex ] ) which returns a JsonRpcSigner.


The simplest answer is to use the deployed contract which already has a provider..

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    In your above answer.Is the address account address or the contract address or something else ?? contract.provider.getSigner('0x70997970C51812dc3A010C7d01b50e0d17dc79C8') Jul 24, 2022 at 2:02

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