I'm wondering why if my function is meant to return a string of indeterminate length, I can't return a string array of definite length.

This function, for example doesn't compile

function BindingTypeList() public pure returns(string[]  memory) {
        return ["DocumentTemplate", "Definition", "RepAndWarranty", "Restriction", "Entitlement"];

the error message is TypeError: Return argument type string memory[5] memory is not implicitly convertible to expected type (type of first return variable) string memory[] memory.

It seems like they are saying that string[5] is incompatible with returns(string[]). I don't get that at all.

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In case others have this problem the way it can be done is:

function BindingTypeList() public pure returns(string[]  memory) {
   string[] memory names = new string[5];
   names[0] = "DocumentTemplate";
   names[1] = "Definition";
   names[4] = "Entitlement";
   return names;

you need to use pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2; in your contract to enable returning the array of strings.

  • Actually not, at least not in >8.0.0. I think it is no longer experimental.
    – GGizmos
    Sep 23, 2021 at 0:55

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