Are there yet any Solidity IDEs or editors that

  • Run OSX

  • Allow editing a folder of local Solidity source code files with includes or library support

  • Highlight compiler error as you type them

Please correct me if I am wrong: the browser based IDE works for a simple contract, but breaks down when you need to include multiple contracts that you keep in a version control.

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I think you will find a list of the all available IDE in the official doc :


in my experience i think the online Ethereum Studio(based on cloude9 IDE) is quite interesting besides the usage of ATOM and ethereum/solidity plugin.


There is a private build of the https://github.com/webdaford/smart-contract-tools projects of a solidity editor for eclipse.

http://opensource.urszeidler.de/SolidityEditor-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.zip (pre 0.4.0 solidity) and http://opensource.urszeidler.de/SolidityEditor-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.zip

It has

  • syntax highlighting
  • context sensitive code completion
  • syntax check
  • code templates

see SolidityEditor

You could use the https://github.com/UrsZeidler/uml2solidity/wiki/SolidityBuilder to compile the contract code or simply call solc as configured external tool.

With https://github.com/adridadou/eth-contract-api you can write the contract test in java as junit tests, on the standalone chain the tests runs fast.

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