I am trying to run an ethereum classic node on parity so that I can sell my classic. I see the doc that says: https://github.com/ethcore/parity/wiki/Ethereum-Classic

The only problem is after I "git clone https://github.com/ethcore/parity", I have no Idea which folder is considered the binary.

In Home->parity->parity->cli, I found config.full.toml, which when I open has: chain = "Homestead".

I changed that to: chain = "classic"

1)I am not sure if that worked, I am downloading now, but in the terminal, in the beginning, it says "Configured for Frontier/Homestead". How can I determine if I am downloading classic early on in the chain download process?

2) Which folder contains the actual binary file and what is its name?


The easiest way to sync with the classic chain is to clear your current Parity blockchain, then run parity with the --chain classic parameter:

parity --chain classic

Updated Responding To Comment Below

There are instructions to download and install the Parity binaries for Ubuntu, Mac OS/X and Windows https://ethcore.io/parity.html.

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    Ok, could you provide a link to how to do that? – user5539 Dec 21 '16 at 4:31
  • Link at the bottom of my answer. What operating system are you running? – The Officious BokkyPooBah Dec 21 '16 at 4:56

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