I'm trying to figure out how to convert a uniswap ratio into wei (and eventually ether).

The uniswap docs commonly mention sqrtPriceX96:

A Fixed point Q64.96 number representing the sqrt of the ratio of the two assets (token1/token0)

However, I can't figure out how to convert it into wei (and eventually ether).

Here is my C# Code:

BigInteger sqrRtPrice = BigInteger.Parse("1407006288156847466476392762276105");
            var tt = (sqrRtPrice * sqrRtPrice) * (BigInteger)(1e18) / (BigInteger)(1e18) / BigInteger.Pow(((BigInteger)2), 192);
            var eth = Nethereum.Util.UnitConversion.Convert.FromWei(tt);

In this example, eth becomes 0.000000000315379099 which is close to what Uniswap says 0.000315432, but I don't understand why mine is off by 6 decimal places. Both tokens in the pool I'm looking at (WETH-DAI) are 18 decimals long. I'm trying to convert Uniswap sqrtPriceX96 to the price I see on the Uniswap display, but I don't understand why I'm a few decimal places off.

I got my current formula from here, but I also tried the formula here and had the same problem.

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