Is there a way for users interacting with the contract to reach a consensus regarding the truthiness of a statement?

For example: has the price gone up since 3 hours ago? True or False

Users will have financial incentives to lie. What is a good way to counter those incentives to lie about the truthiness of the statement? How can I have users successfully reach a consensus even though they have incentives to lie?


The basic options are:

  • External data sources. I run Reality Keys for this purpose.
  • Schelling games a la Augur where people bet on what everyone else will bet on, and you hope this will converge on the truth
  • A forking token, where if there's a disagreement the token forks into parallel versions where different people won and you hope the one representing the truth is worth more
  • A combination of the above

you are describing the byzantine general problem which is hard to solve and this is why to reach consensus we need proof of work. however for a simple Ethereum contract you could use an Oracle(third party) to check the truthiness of a statement.

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