I am trying to add a price pool in bnb for my token and I did the following code:

function swap(uint256 amount, address destination) private {
    uint256 bnbBalance = address(this).balance;
    uint256 prizePool = _calculatePercentage(amount, percentage_prize_pool);

    // Don't exchange those tokens I want to keep for the prize pool
    amount = amount.sub(prizePool);
    // call the swap in pancakeswap api using the amount - prizePool
    // ....

    // Time for prize pool
    uint256 bnbPrizePool = xxxxxx;

So this arises a few questions for me.

  1. Let's suppose that I want to buy 0.1 BNB and I want to do 10% of that to the price pool, how do I handle that in a system that does not allow floating point? I read that in ETH you use wei so you multiply that x 1000, but I haven't found documentation for BNB.
  2. How do I identify the value of the bnbPrizePool? I kept the tokens I don't want to exchange but now I need the value of them in BNB so I send the prize. Is that possible? Do I need to do a multiplication with the exchangeRate? How do I calculate that exchange rate? My understanding is for selling they are not bnb yet, so do I need to swap them?
  3. Is it necessary to differentiate between buys and sells? I understand that when you buy you have an increase of bnb balance after swapping, which is good because I want to do the prize in bnb, but what happens with sells? The difference is going to be negative, how do I convert that back into my token? Should I identify that is a sell and then retain the amount of bnb I don't want to pay and use them for the pool? Is there any better mechanism?
  4. I am finding incredibly hard to debug this in testnet (remix debugger is not starting and truffle is throwing ProviderError: the method debug_traceTransaction does not exist/is not available). Is there any trick to do so? I am trying with events but I haven't found how to read that info in testnet

Sorry for the amount of questions, but the documentation in internet is not great and I don't feel comportable copying and pasting Safemoon without understanding how this works

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